Αρχοντικό Αγγέλου

Δραστηριότητες στη Λέρο


For many years Leros has carried the stigma of a place to which people were sent for exile. As a result, its beauty has not been discovered, and the advantages it offers as a destination have not become known.
Furthermore, because of its small size and the absence of expansive sandy beaches, Leros never caught on as a major tourist destination. It offers relaxed, quiet surroundings, with a wide array of moderately-priced picturesque establishments offering good quality, genuine Greek food. In most cases, you will enjoy your meal by the sea.


The positive outcome of this lower development is the fact the local character has been maintained in large parts of the island, and the phenomenon of extensive construction of chararacter-less buildings just for the sake of touristic exploitation is not apparent.



The main port of Lakki is one of the best examples of Art Deco architecture in Greece. It was designed by Mussolini’s architects in 1923 .


The rolling hills of the island and the extensive roadworks completed by the Italians, allow the visitor to travel to enjoy the rare flora and fauna during long walks.

Πολιτιστικοί χώροι

The castle built by the Knights of St. John, the ruins of an ancient temple, believed to be a temple of Artemis, and the church of St. Theologos in Lakki which is one of the most important medieval monuments in the aegean are some of the main cultural sites of Leros.
In combination with the surrounding islands (see below) the visitor can have a varied cultural experience. The easy access via hydrofoil and caique, can make for interesting day trips. Visitors can also refer to the Ministry of Culture – Archaeological Site Map for more information of the archaeological sites in the region.


There are two diving centers on Leros and many ship and plane wrecks in the sea around the island to explore.

(and next to Leros there is Kalymnos for rock climbing ? )


The roads that offer the great walking terrain have also turned out to be the bane for some of the beaches on Leros. However, distances are very small on Leros and there are many nice coves protected from the wind to enjoy swimming in the crystal clear sea. Moreover, it is easy to move in very little time to the right side of the island when the meltemi gets stronger..

Γύρω νησιά

Visitors staying in Leros can plan day trips to the surrounding islands and uninhabited islets. The islands and islets of Kalymnos, Patmos with the beautiful Chora and monastery, Kos, Lipsi, Arkoi, Marathi, Farmakonissi, , Archangelos,  are all easily accessible via hydrofoil or caique. They offer a wide variety of archaeological sites, interesting towns and beaches. Finally, the islets of Aspronissia and Tiganakia have some of the most amazing beaches and anchorages in the Dodecanese and are ideal for daily trips.


Leros has an archaeological museum for the display of the local finds, a war museum and Belenis folkloric Museum with exhibits from the various stages of the island’s development.